At St Mary’s, Graveley we aim to foster a safe environment for people to explore the Christian faith and build supportive relationships. St Mary’s is committed to a rigorous Safeguarding Policy, and has a designated Parish Safeguarding Officer (PSO). All persons in positions of authority have ongoing Safeguarding training and have regular DBS checks. All information regarding contacts & help-lines is available to see in church & on this website, and this includes our Policies, Procedures, and Risk Assessments. Our Church wishes to care for and ensure the welfare of all young people & adults, & to protect all parishioners, those in positions of authority including ourselves, to the best of our ability. We wish to prevent abuse or harm occurring by being aware of possible danger scenarios, but also to respond to effectively those who may have been abused, timely, and with appropriate steps & support, . Our PSO will lead this work, but ultimately it is the responsibility of all in the Church family to look out & care for each other, and inform the PSO of any suspected problems. The St Mary’s Safeguarding Policies, Procedures and Risk Assessments and further information, including all contact details, can be found here on this website.